13 lut 2008

Jerzy Połomski- Nie Zapomnisz Nigdy

It's about time for the first vinyl rip posting. My friend asked me for this one so here it is... Jerzy Połomski- Nie Zapomnisz Nigdy. Połomski is a classic... really cheesy- so prepare for some seriouse audio masochism! Although this one is not that bad- there are some really nice breakes here- dj shadow style and even some dub brakes as well, plus some other samples worth rippin- listen to this plucked bass- teasty!
Best parts of it are hilariouse wannabe really poetic lyrics... although those could only be enjoyed by native speakers. The rest of you hopefully gonna get it subconsciously
Okay, so u can download the whole thing here:

Jerzy Połomski - Nie zapomnisz Nigdy (NA)

... and for the instant listening pleasure my favourite track

Ostatni Ikar

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