29 lut 2008

Krzysztof Klenczon - Powiedz stary gdzieś ty był

Here comes the next one... again this one is a rip for a friend of mine, first things first. So here is Krzysztof Klenczon/powiedz stary gdzieś ty był. Again we have some seriouse amount of oldschool polish cheese plus some hilariouse lyrics... but this time there is some psychedelia involved. I would discribe Klenczon as a psychedelic boyscout. The cover artwork shows exactly what u might expect. There's even one almost funk piece- Daleka Rzeko. There are some really nice samples on this album... especially the anlogue psychedelia stuff.

okay... full album is here:

Krzysztof Klenczon- Powiedz Stary Gdzieś Ty Był

I couldn't really decide which song should end up in the instant listening pleasure section... there are more then a few interesting pieces here... so finaly i have posted 3 songs.... there u go:

Daleka Rzeko (NA)
Muzyko z Tamtej Strony Dnia (NA)
Wrocmy Nad Jeziora (NA)

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