4 paź 2008

Playa Blanca Mixtape

1. Navidad - Pedro Laza Y Su Paleyeros
2. Bombon Asesino - El Hijo De La Cumbia
3. La Mara Tomaza - El Hijo De la Cumbia
4. Lo Que Traje De Colombia - Fiesta Mexicana (from dj Vampiros-La Sonidera Colombiana mix)
5. Cumbia De Los Patos - Grupo Ginsu
6. Guarija - El Remolon
7. Petrona Martinez - King Coya remix feat. PG13 and AlexK
8. Zorzal - Chancha Via Circuito
9. Limb by Limb (Loder Bootleg) - Cutty Ranks
10. Bolivia - El Remolon
11. Llorar - Socios Del Ritmo
12. Revivante (feat. Fauna) - El Remolon
13. Cumbia Del Rio - Celso Pina
14. El Ventilador (Daledurado Remix) - Fauna
15. Bamburo (Fulani) - Mosica de Cameron
16. Dancehall - Chancha Via Circuito
17. Soy El Control - El Hijo De La Cumbia
18. Navidad Negra - Leonor Gonzalez Mina
19. Cumbion Mountaina (from dj Vampiros - La Sonidera Colombiana mix)
20. Cumbia Regional - El Hijo De La Cumbia
21. Sed Del Mal - Marcel Fabian
22. Ritmo De Tambo - Sonora Dinamita

Download it here:

Playa Blanca - Sweet Cumbia Selection

(...)This mix is one of the finest mixtapes we heard in this style and it comes from Poland! Not a typical South American country ;) (...) audioporncentral.com 

(...)one of the best cumbia mixes i have encountered, of the modern, urban persuasion. very clean, very smooth, very well put together and Phat, booming sound, coming from Poland(...) differentwaters.blogspot.com

ps. the follow up is already here

9 komentarzy:

roro pisze...

ooo! że niby n arozgrzewke jak nam wygina klony tak jak dzis...

zhao pisze...

i am most certainly feeling this mix.

zhao pisze...

have just put it up on my blog:



Enrique pisze...

I'm still in shock, I mean, "Socios del Ritmo"???
Dude! You freakin' rock!
Cheers and peace from Mexico...

John de la Torre pisze...

i am loving this cumbia mix. great great stuff! thank you from hollywood.

MOTEL pisze...

just found your blog ... I'm a fan keep up the great work!

Montreal, Canada

Anonimowy pisze...
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Anonimowy pisze...

hi again, i'm loving your mix really great stuff! will you please be putting up a .cue file or timing for the playlist, if possilbe. thank you! again, really enjoying your mix. greetings from hollywood.

Monochord pisze...

i ain't got the cue file
i'll try to write down the timing soon when i'll find some time to do that
cheers and thnx for feedback