23 paź 2009

Same Song Around The Globe

So i was listening to one of the mixtapes from Karriem Diggins called Persian funk and i bumped on a very intriguing song from an Iranian artists - Marjan

why is it intriguing? - because this melody seems to pop up in various parts of the globe

it's a bolivian cumbia standard called Vuelve a mi lado or Vuela Mariposa

plus there is a version from indian composer duo - Kalyanji Anandji- from the film Haadsa

... it all leads us to the question - wtf?  who was the first one? who inspired who? are there more versions of this song around the globe?


Soooo i'm getting back to the subject....
Again thanx to Karriem Diggins we have two more cases of THE SONG

This time from from Ajda Pekkan - the turkish diva 

and the french version from the same artist

and again from Turkey, from a 'new generation' artist GokSeL

... Karim also points out that the first one to record the song was Marjan from Iran. I had a hunch about that one...

So i think that the question about the origin is closed.
But how did it go to Sudamerica? Through the french version maybe... 

10 sie 2009

Playa Negra Mixtape

1. La Subienda - Sonidero Cordobestia - 00:00
2. Zurita Back to the Punk - Zurita - 04:07
3. Lluvia - DJ Negro - 07:10
4. MegaMixx - DJ Panik - 10:16
5. Grupo Terrenato Cumbia - DJ Rage - 12:04
6. La Cumbia Mash 1 - DJ DUS - 14:10
7. Andres Lanredo vs Madonna Music - El Remolon - 17:36
8. Chile 3 - Chancha Via Circuito - 23:45
9. Manu Chao La vie A 2 Remix - Dj Sandro de America - 27:04
10. Presten Atencion - Castigo - 31:40
11. Pesebre - Sonido del Principe - 33:54
12. Te Ves Buena - DJ Panik - 37:33
13. Macumbiabass - Oro11 - 39:54
14. (uknown regadda) - Dj Chemssy - 42:45
15. Trocitos (El Remolon Mix) - King Coya - 45:46 
16. El Cumbiaton - Surtek Collective - 50:51

Download it here:

Playa Negra - Mouthwatering Cumbia Selection

After the "success" of Playa Blanca Mixtape here comes its follow up - Playa Negra. It puts a spotlight on some new Cumbia artists but also contains bits of sounds from other genres that somehow got in touch with cumbia beat, modality and spirit... there's even one regadda track (sic!).

You can visit featured artists at:














... i wasn't able to locate any official sites for DJ Chemssy (Regadda) and Castigo (Cumbia Villera)... if u find something please drop us a line.

And you can always visit ZZK records or Bersa Discos for some official Cumbia releases.

15 lip 2009

Bulgarian "45

This is a totally classical "45 bulgarian folk recording. U have everything here in a pill, kaval solo, male vocal, female vocals (astonishing as usual), whole band with a classical line up - gaida, tupan, gadulka etc. 
I would be grateful if someone could decipher artists' name etc. I have no idea about Cyrillic alphabet... shame on me. Anyway... Enjoy!

thnx Radusia!

šopski ensambl
za narodni pesni i hora
ONS Sofia, hudorzestvien rukovoditiel (conducting!)
Georgi Bojadrziev

Cheikha Fatima Kobass "45

This one is a nice one. Moroccan rough old sort of chaabi music (is it?). It sounds like it's from the region around Agadir or just southern at least (plz correct me if i'm wrong). Wax is not in a good shape, it's like the ones sold by old street vendors in Jamma el Fna square. Enjoy!

Vietnamese "45

This is an original vietnamese "45 press. There are two pieces of some orchestrated music inspired by vietnamese folk from the southern part of the country. Especially side A is a nice one... it features vietnamese monostring instrument called Dan Bau. Second piece is ... well to cheese to be discussed and i'm posting it only for the sake of integrity. There u go:

19 cze 2009

Yidishe Gaucho MicroMixtape

... i had to make a teaser selection of Yidishe Gacho so here it is:


I gonna do the whole, full span thing some time soon, with lotta more tracks, tracklisting etc

The whole idea of fusing the Latin/Carabbian and Jewish stuff came acually from Janeck Altshuler

soo thank u Janeck for the spark...

25 maj 2009

7inch outtakes @ Nihon Buyo Teacher

side A
side B

side A
side B

side A

side B

side A
side B

So these are some 7inch outtakes from a bunch of wax that i ripped for the Japanese Museum of Art and Technology - Manggha. The music here is predominantly various forms of music (like kouta or nagauta) that accompanies different forms of classical japanese theater (from the edo period).

The whole thing was also 'exploited' during 3rd Music and World DocFilm Festival, when local artists got to remixs the stuff.... Go here for the download --> From the Archives of Nihon-Buyo Teacher - Remixed (...click the cover...)