15 lip 2009

Bulgarian "45

This is a totally classical "45 bulgarian folk recording. U have everything here in a pill, kaval solo, male vocal, female vocals (astonishing as usual), whole band with a classical line up - gaida, tupan, gadulka etc. 
I would be grateful if someone could decipher artists' name etc. I have no idea about Cyrillic alphabet... shame on me. Anyway... Enjoy!

thnx Radusia!

šopski ensambl
za narodni pesni i hora
ONS Sofia, hudorzestvien rukovoditiel (conducting!)
Georgi Bojadrziev

Cheikha Fatima Kobass "45

This one is a nice one. Moroccan rough old sort of chaabi music (is it?). It sounds like it's from the region around Agadir or just southern at least (plz correct me if i'm wrong). Wax is not in a good shape, it's like the ones sold by old street vendors in Jamma el Fna square. Enjoy!

Vietnamese "45

This is an original vietnamese "45 press. There are two pieces of some orchestrated music inspired by vietnamese folk from the southern part of the country. Especially side A is a nice one... it features vietnamese monostring instrument called Dan Bau. Second piece is ... well to cheese to be discussed and i'm posting it only for the sake of integrity. There u go: